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Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Clark, Eldon Russell  1900Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I2419
2 Dagg, Oliver Clifford  09 Jan 1899Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I514
3 George, Brian Edward   I1472
4 George, Clarence Calvin  16 Oct 1932Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I241
5 George, David Arthur   I1473
6 George, Ian Russell   I1475
7 George, Jennifer Verla   I10
8 George, Judith Velma   I2
9 George, Robert Michael  18 Jul 1946Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I1471
10 George, Terrance Patrick   I1474
11 Hunt, Roberta Ethel  16 Dec 1927Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I702
12 Moore, Hugh John  13 Mar 1900Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I247
13 Pockett, Clara  29 Jan 1895Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I5665
14 Pockett, Lillian Mabel  13 Jan 1893Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I5664
15 Pockett, Vernon Samuel  23 Apr 1901Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I1917


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Armitage, Elizabeth  23 Aug 1919Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I92
2 Blackwell, James  13 Jul 1913Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I91
3 Clark, Albert Eli  20 Jan 1951Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I2417
4 Clark, Herbert  01 Oct 1906Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I3685
5 Clark, Louisa Viola  29 Jul 1974Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I3678
6 Clark, Russell John  27 Aug 1987Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I3675
7 Clark, William Herbert  29 Aug 1964Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I3674
8 Dagg, Ethel Jane  16 Mar 1949Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I80
9 George, Gladys Ruby  Feb 2007Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I235
10 George, Murial Violetta  07 Jun 1973Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I233
11 Hunt, Roberta Ethel  05 Jul 2009Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I702
12 Wilson, Mary Ellen  13 Sep 1947Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I3673


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Armitage, Elizabeth  24 Aug 1919Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I92
2 Blackwell, James  16 Jul 1913Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I91
3 Blackwell, James Adam  15 Aug 1942Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I1683
4 Blackwell, Susannah J  09 Jul 1905Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I88
5 Blackwell, Thomas Henry  24 Mar 1951Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I1724
6 Dagg, Ethel Jane  19 Mar 1949Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I80
7 Dagg, Thomas  18 Oct 1924Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I87
8 George, Arthur  08 Sep 1976Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I79
9 George, Russell Edwin  25 Jul 1998Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I1468
10 McCutcheon, Sarah Jane  Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I2960
11 Melville, Muriel  2005Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I1469
12 Pockett, Sadie  Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I5666
13 Prawdzik, Joseph  25 Apr 2007Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I277
14 Wabick, Lily  23 Feb 2006Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I278
15 White, Anna Maria  1943Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada I5776