Bretz Military Men

By Christopher Bretz


This is still a work in progress.

Presented here are some of the Bretz surname individuals who we know to have served in the military over the centuries. Most are not directly related to our line of Canadian Bretzes, but perhaps distantly.



Norman H Bretz Wing Commander Royal Canadian Air Force 1939-1945 J2975  Awarded: Distinguished Flying Cross
William Bretz        




Howard C Bretz Major British Army, 11th Armoured Division, 3rd Battalion, 159th Infantry Brigade Monmouthshires 1939-1945



United States

Revolutionary War

Ludwig Bretz Sergeant Lancaster County Militia, 4th Battalion 1776-1781  
Anthony Bretz Private Lancaster County Militia, 7th Battalion 1782  
Jacob Bretz Private Northahmpton County Militia, 5th Battalion 1778 Drafted
Philip Bretz Sergeant Lancaster County Militia, 7th Battalion -1783  
Michael Bretz Captain Pennsylvania Volunteers, 6th Battalion, 5th Company 1777-1778  

Civil War

George Bretz   Pinegrove Light Infantry, 101st 1861- Regimental Surgeon
Michael Bretzius Private Pinegrove Light Infantry, Pennsylvania Volunteers, 39th Regiment 1861-  
Daniel Bretz Private Washington Light Infantry, 10th Regiment, Company D 1861-  
George Bretz Private Washington Light Infantry, 10th Regiment, Company D 1861-  
Adolphus Theodore Bretz   Ohio Volunteer Calvary, 5th Regiment, Company E 1861- Also served in the infantry
John C Bretz Private Pennsylvania Cavalry, 20th Regiment, Company K 1861-  


Norman C Bretz     1917-  

WWII (many hundreds)

William E Bretz        


Claytus S Bretz Master Sergeant US Air Force 1952-1972  
Douglas M Bretz   US Navy    
Phillip M Bretz   US Navy -1991  
Henry Bretz     -1856  
Louis Bretz     -1910 Walter Reed General Hospital




Bretz 1st Lieutenant   -1778  
Josef Bretz Private  2nd Lorraine Engineer Battalion No. 20 1914-1918 Wounded


Hans Bretz Cadet/Platoon Leader Heer, Panzer-Vernichtungs-Brigade Oberschlesien -1945 Awarded: Knight's Cross (disputed)
Ogefr Bretz ? Luftwaffe 9/JG-5 (3/43 S.U.) 1943- First known victory, a Soviet P-40D on 25 March, 1943. Aircraft: Bf 109G, Fw 190A. Awarded: EK 2, Fighter Operational Clasp