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My father's Dna matches a Cordell Bretz who is descended from Alice Hobson. I also match another cousin who links to the Armagh Hobsons.

I read up on the quakers and a number left the church on the 1800s as it wasn't permitted to marry a non-quaker so our line became COI.

The interesting thing is my 2x ggfather from Belfast lists his father as a cabinet maker and I was able to find an Irish cabinet maker of the right age married to a much older woman in the 1861 and 1871 census, John Hobson of Bayham, Erie. My assumption is that the Bretz Benjamin is his nephew. My theory is that my ancestor went to Canada but some children stayed in NI... your research is really interesting. The mention of surname Edwards is interesting as I have some dna evidence that I am linked to that line. There is an armagh tree which I have but would need to find it...I am also linked to the Bullick quakers through my gran's line.

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Hambly George b20 Oct 1830 d 26 Oct 1918 Millbrook, Ontario, Canada (s/o William George b 1789 d 8 May 1846 Millbrook) & Susannah Rush 1790-1861; s/o Hambly George & Mary Hambly; Edward George & Ann Inch) and Emma/Emily Wilson b 1835 Eng d1904 Ontario are both buried in Macklin Cemetary Fenella ON, were my mother's ggg grandparents. Hambly & Emma's son William Edward George m Susan Reynolds (d/o Walter Reynolds . b St Breward 1819 d 1886 Grafton, Ontario and Mary Ann Fowler B Cornwall Eng d Manitoba, Canada. Their daughter, Abigail m Fred Bablitz...lived in Manitoba until abt 1919 then migrated to northern Alberta. Abby & Fred are my grandparents. Their daughter Jean married Harry Magee and here I be eldest of three. lots of info on Georges have pics of Hambly and Wm Edward.

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Very nice site.

My Carroll ancestors came to the US from Belfast in the 1880s. My 3rd GGF, Richard Carroll, weighmaster of grains in Belfast, was married to Martha Hobson (1794-1869). Most of the sons had Hobson as a middle name, and my 2nd GGF was Benjamin HOBSON Carroll - a church musician and composer (so, got that "Benjamin thing" going as well). Martha Hobson was, according to family lore, born a Quaker, but converted to Methodism as a girl. Her parents were, I believe, John Hobson and Mary Edwards. I know virtually nothing else about them. Best wishes. Elizabeth

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My great grandfather was Jonah Steen Baer, b. 11 Oct 1858 in Hespeler Ontario, son of John Baer and Margaret Steen. Margaret was the daughter of John Steen and Catharine Bretz who you have listed on your website. Thank you for the information on these families. Very well presented.

For more information on my family tree, you can visit:

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Just found this website. I am so excited. We recently visited Scotland. I am very interested in sharing the information that I have. I am even more interested to learn more about my family history. My grandfather was Jarvis Neilson. He was killed in WW1. After o0ur visit to Scotland, we visited the memorial site at Arras, France. It was very moving to find his name on the memorial. Does this strike a cord with anyone?

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I knew Dave back in the 1990's, not well, but I did. He was an interesting guy and when I heard the passed away, almost 10 years ago now, I was shocked.

I'm sorry for your loss as I am sure the feelings have not gone away.

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Ashley - I protest! I am not nearly that old. I did visit your father, Ian. While hitchhiking across Canada in a kilt. But it was in the summer of 1968 and Ian was living in a very swish apartment in Calgary. I then went on to stay with your cousin, Danice Macleod, in Banff and your grandfather, * * *, in Victoria. Cheers, Fergus.

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