This section helps to tell the stories of the George family. We believe there is only so far that facts and dates can take you when exploring your family history. The articles presented here attempt to explore the lives of family members in narrative form. They are drawn from oral traditions, family and government records, and historical events.


The George Family in Canada

The story of the Canadian George family can trace its earliest roots to William George (1789-1846), a Cornish stone mason who emigrated to the Cobourg area of Ontario in the 1830s. Much of the work keeping the history of the Georges can be credited to Viva Darling (1921-2009), especially keeping track of their numerous descendants.

Several branches of these Canadian immigrants separately moved south into the United States by the late 19th century. Some ended up in Missouri, others Michigan and Colorado.

The Georges: From Cornwall to Cobourg Christopher Bretz 2011 Traces the journey of a family of Cornish farmers building a new life in Canada.
Arthur George's Family Christopher Bretz 2012 Arthur George moved to Manitoba at the start of the 20th century and had 11 children.
The Western Georges Christopher Bretz 2013 Continues the story of Arthur George's descendants.
George Homesteads in Canada Christopher Bretz 2011 An accounting of the various farms the George family held in eastern Ontario.
Family Tree (.pdf) Viva Darling 2006 A great tree of the numerous 20th century Canadian Georges.
Family Names Christopher Bretz - Some of the more common names passed down our George group of families.
The George Family Reunion Bobbi George Prawdzik 1985 Remarks to the 1985 George Family Reunion in Neepawa by Bobbie George and Jenny George.
My Memories For My Grandchildren Jennifer George McDowell 2003 Notes by Jennie George about her life.
My Life Story Diana Neilson George 1985 Diana Neilson George recounts her early life in Africa and England.
Automobiles Christopher Bretz 2012 Lists some of the cars owned by family members.
William George Sr's Will   1900 His last Will and Testament.

The Dagg Family

The Dagg Family Line Christopher Bretz 2012 Follows the Irish Dagg family to Canada.


Sergeant Orville George Christopher Bretz 2011 Tells the journey of Bob George in Italy during WWII.


The George Family in Cornwall

The roots of our branch of the George family are in Cornwall, England, where there are reliable records going back to John George of St. Teath. The family was known in the town from about 1700 onward, but before that there is uncertainty as to where they came from. One possibility is the Sithney area in south Cornwall.

This chart shows (to the best of our knowledge) the points in time at which various St Teath George family lines moved to the New World. St Teath Georges appear to have come over in at least four groups.

As you can see there was a great deal of change in North America around the onset of the Long Depression, however this also coincided with the onset of adulthood for that paticular generation and so might not be significant.

George / Hardin Family History Virgo Thomas 2006 A branch of Cornish Georges who emigrated to Australia in the 19th century.