Galloway Neighbors

By Christopher Bretz


Many generations before the Hallidays and Neilsons were aware of one another by marriage, both families lived together in the lands of Galloway. The Neilsons were seated at Springfield manor near Castle Douglas for much of the 19th century, while the Hallidays, Jollys, Muirs and other families on that side moved about the nearby towns and farms. For the most part these families lived at opposite ends of society, but through records we have found they might have occasionally had dealings with each other.

William Muir was the parish treasurer at Crossmichael, the nearby town to Springfield manor during the 1860s.

Samuel Jolly lived and Balmaghie in 1857, just across the river Dee from Castle Douglas. His daughter Mary was born there.

An apprentice lawyer named Halliday was present at the will reading of ..