This section helps to tell the stories of the Halliday family. We believe there is only so far that facts and dates can take you when exploring your family history. The articles presented here attempt to explore the lives of family members in narrative form. They are drawn from oral traditions, family and government records, and historical events.


The Halliday Family in Canada

The story of our Canadian branch of the Halliday family can trace its roots to Scotland through Andrew Halliday (1890-1953), an immigrant to Winnipeg from Dumfries. The Hallidays are an ancient family, recorded for many centuries in the Galloway region. But until the 20th century the family rarely strayed more than a few dozen miles from home, when Andrew and at least two of his siblings came to the United States and Canada seeking new lives.

Our Halliday family line is also very much intertwined with the Farish family of Maxwelltown, who immigrated with Andrew Halliday.

Much of the research on the Hallidays and Farishes is from Jean Halliday (1914-2005), who had a very close family which kept an oral tradition alive, and from Scottish church and government records.

There are also other branches of Halliday who emigrated to Canada in the early 19th century. Thus far we have not been able to tie them to our branch with a common ancestor.

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The Halliday Family in Scotland

The name Halliday has ancient roots in the lands of Annandale, Scotland. Although there have been several prominent Hallidays recorded, we have been unable to find a comprehensive history connecting the various branches of the family.

Our branch of the Halliday family in Scotland can trace its roots to George Halliday, a blacksmith from the Dalton area of Dumfriesshire in the 1790s.

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