Neilson Family Names

By Christopher Bretz


This section is to show the family names which have been passed on over the generations. In some cases these names have been passed down other parts of the family as well, but these are the most direct occurances we are fairly sure of.


William Agnew Duncan Neilson

William Cunningham Neilson
uncle of above

William Henry Neilson
father of above

William Cunningham Neilson
father of above

William Neilson
grandfather of above


Melodie Ross Laite
(?- )

Constance Ross Neilson
grandmother of above

Catherine Ross Fyfe
mother of above

Catherine Ross
great grandmother of above

John Ross
father of above


Jeffrey Ross Bretz
(1972- )

Henry Ross Neilson
great grandfather of above

Duncan Mearns Ross
1x removed half 2nd cousin of above


Barbara Agnew Barbour

Barbara Agnew
grandmother of above


Isabella Donaldson Fyfe

Georgina Isabella Berwick
mother of above

Isabella Matthew
mother of above