The Neilson Family Bible

By Fergus Neilson


This bible, in 2005 held by Mary Neilson at Gullane in East Lothian, Scotland, contains the following Family Register (with some additions/amendments by Fergus Neilson)* It was originally owned by William Henry Neilson and printed in 1855.

In 1867 William Henry Neilson awarded the ‘Carr Prize’ at the Royal Medical College (in Aberdeen or in India?). Prize in memory of Arthur Lascelles Beckwith Carr deceased 14 June 1863 aged 10 years.

Prize awarded for proficiency in the Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, “which were his delight and comfort”, on William Henry Neilson, aged 12 years and 7 months in 1867 by R. Thornton DD, Headmaster.

William Henry Neilson MD married Elsie Margaret Mutch of Fordoun, Aberdeen, on 25 January 1879.

Children of the above:

• Henry Ross born 5 January 1879 in Aberdeen. Married to Kate Fyffe. Two sons and two daughters. Died in Jersey, Channel Islands.
• William Cunningham born 28 January 1883 at Sholing (?) in Southampton. Died at the House of Glass 19 June 1900.
• Frances Emily Margaret born at Oodeypure in Rajputana 27 November 1890. Married Gordon Hutchence. Two sons and one daughter.

Interjection: William Cunningham died of tuberculosis. The Manse of Glass was at Huntly, Aberdeenshire. A sanatorium? Or perhaps the home of the Rev Duncan Ross, a cousin, looking after William Cunningham while his father was back in India? Oodeypure now Udaipur and Rajputana is now Rajasthan.

Elsie Margaret (in later life known as Eliza) wife of the above William Henry Neilson died at Bikauin (perhaps Bikaner), Rajputana (now Rajastan) on the 31 January 1898.

William Henry ‘Hal’ Neilson Surgeon Major Indian Medical Service married to Janet St John Skeen of 13 Westfield Terrace, Aberdeen (daughter of the late Deputy Surgeon General Skeen) on the 7 September 1899 at St James Episcopal Church, Aberdeen, by the Reverend MacKay, Rector of that Church.

Children of the above:

• Kathleen Elsie born at Sirdarpore, Central India, 7 December 1900. Died at Royal School, Bath, 22 March 1916.
• Duncan Andrew born at Sirdarpore 17 September 1902. Died at Edinburgh, Scotland 17 November 1965.

William Henry ‘Hal’ Neilson, Surgeon Colonel Indian Medical Service, died at Indore, India, 24 March 1903.

Duncan Andrew Neilson married (1) to Dorothy Howitt ‘Tawney’ Fletcher at the Registry Office, Marylebone, London 7 July 1928 (decree nisi granted 24 September 1946).

Child of the above:

• Ann Karen born in London 31 October 1928.

Janet St John Neilson nee Skeen, died at Hemel Hempstead, 12 January 1946.

Duncan Andrew ‘Neil’ Neilson married (2) Nancy ‘Charlotte’ Watson at the Registry Office at Beverley, Yorkshire on 26 October 1946 (blessing afterwards at St. Patrick’s Church, Patrington).

Children of the above:

• Jane Charlotte Andrea born at Withernsea, Yorkshire, 7 January 1948. • John Fergus Andrew born at Winchester, Hampshire, 25 March 1949.
• Brigid Kirsten Harriet born at Hunstanton, Norfolk 15 July 1950.
• Catherine Mary Frances born Hunstanton, Norfolk 27 October 1952.

The current generation as at August 2005:

• Ann Reeve, born at Norwich 9 August 1954 daughter of Ann Karen Neilson and Albert Reeve.
• Emma, born at London 6 May 1971 daughter of Mary Neilson and Tam Wilson. Adopted out.
• Torquil Fergus Eland, born at London 2 November 1973 son of Andy Neilson and Sean Myers.
• Niall Kyle William, born Edinburgh 8 October 1985, son of Mary Neilson and Ted Gatier.
• Roberta Anna, born at Cuneo (Italy) 28 February 1987, daughter of Harriet Neilson and Armando Olivero.
• Fergus Torrin Peter, born at Edinburgh 5 May 1987, son of Mary Neilson and Ted Gatier.
• Duncan Corry James, born at York 9 May 1989, son of Mary Neilson and Ted Gatier.


* The Comprehensive Bible published by Samuel Bagster & Son, 15 Paternoster Row, London