David Joseph Edgerton Pridie 1971-2001

This site is dedicated to the memory of David Pridie, by all of those who knew and loved him.
Together let us make this a place where he can live with us forever.

Dave passed away very suddenly on the morning of Friday, January 12, 2001. He died in his home, listening to music and playing a computer game. An attack of bronchial asthma was established as the cause, something which he had complained of the past week or so before. 

He was 29.

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Sal's Wedding

Cruisin in the Supra

Dave and Allyson


Dave and Amy

Sailing in 99

Dave and Mom

Dave and Amy


Cosentino Winery

Diving in Hawaii

the Cleaner Ross, Dave and Ian at THQ Party High School Photo Day
Coding on Tetrisphere Dave's Braids New Years 91
H2O Portrait New Years 91 Secret Level Gang
Dave, Ross and Chris at E3 Dave and Ally Dave in Hawaii Dave and Amy in Hawaii

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Dave was born July 7, 1971 in Calgary to his mother Joy and father Jon.

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Dave was known by a few different names around the internet, and they changed as the years went by, although not as many times as his hair...

MArtist or martial artist
MArtyCodeSpice (ICQ#10173318)

...he named his computers


...and in games like EverQuest he was


...and privately, because of his begrudging perseverance in the final stages of pulling together a project:

the cleaner

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Some of Dave's favorite things...

Skulls, Cheese (ALL cheese, but he loved Stilton), Cooking, Stoned Wheat Thins, Driving in his Supra, Caesars (on Sunday), Bass, Newcastle, Traditional, Grappa (well not really a love, more an obligation), Lighters (he collected them)
Belts (he collected them too), Making candles, EverQuest, Counterstrike, Music, Making music on his keyboard, 

Some of Dave's not so favorite things...

Being woken up

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the history of Dave's hair

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Working in the game industry for over 6 years, Dave contributed to several projects as the senior programmer. I know he was very proud of his involvement on all of these games.

  The New Tetris
Army Men: Air Attack
  Unreal Tournament

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"!@#$ !?&#! &*!!"

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 Most know of Dave's involvement in the video game industry programming games, but not as many know about a secret message he slipped into the final code on one of those games he worked on... the TetrisRant. At the time he got himself and H2O in quite a bit of hot water with Nintendo. He figured it was his small piece of immortality and that no one would find it for years, if at all. 

It took the hardcore gamers about 3 days to find it and post it on the internet.

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 Dave had a little problem with addiction for a while. It was called EverQuest. He had obsessed about different games before; Ultima, Counterstrike, and others, but this one REALLY had sucked him in. So much so he finally decided he had to do something about it. Goodbye Norrath is a final posting he made an EverQuest message board regarding his thoughts on the matter, and is a pretty heartfelt statement of where his life was at.

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"ta-daaay will ya! i gotta a life ta lead!"

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Dave has a rich network of friends both in Canada and the US, and so it only seemed fitting to have remembrances of him in both countries so that as many could attend as possible.  In San Francisco, on Tuesday, January 16 and again the following Monday, January 22 in Calgary. Each of the informal events were followed by a wake, which surely put a smile on Dave's face to see so many of his friends in one place, all raising a pint for him. Please also read the words written by Patricia Meilleur, which were read at the Calgary service.

Dave's Poster

This poster was passed around at both of Dave's wakes and signed with goodbye's by all of his friends and family. Thanks go out to Darci Powers for putting the poster together and gathering the images of Dave at some of his favorite parties. 

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"hey pumpkin..."

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Here are some of the things Dave's friends have had to say about him. The first comes to us by way of Sasha.

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Dave was cremated in San Francisco and brought home to Calgary. He currently rests with his sister in the home they grew up at in Dalhousie and, as always, is in front of the computer.

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If you have any old pictures of Dave, video, or music or even audio clips, please send any material to bretz@bretz.ca and we will incorporate them into the site.