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char *DaveRant =


"********************START MARTIST RANT************************** \

I must say, this was a fun time coming down to San Francisco to do The \

New Tetris. Allthough there were a few problems. First of all being \

our producer.. D*N, my god.. is this guy useless or what?? \

I don't hate you D*N.. but you SUCK, and I mean SUCK as a producer. \

You should go back to testing video games, but I doubt you could even \

manage that properly. I feel sorry for you. During this project you \

just sat around and played video games.. starcraft and everquest. \

Don't even deny that.. when you WERE working, it was making stupid \

Excel (tm) spreadsheets to try and tell me how many bugs I had left \

to fix on a graph.. like WTF is that??? who cares.. I have the bug \

list in front of me, like I need to see it in freaking technicolor. \

So D*N, I must say this.. hold onto, and fake your job while you can, \

because once they find out how truely useless you are, you will be out \

of a job. I cannot think of any skillset you would fit into in this \

industry, so you better hold on tight. (This guy thought I could save \

a name in 8.4 BITS.. like umm.. .4 BITS?? WTF is .4 BITS?? its either ON \

or OFF, not in between... anyhow, Enough about you though. \


To Nintendo.. It has been nice working with you.. Alot of you are great \

or were great. Tom 'Snoop Dog' Hertzog - you were great.. one of the \

nicest people I have ever met at Nintendo. You and your crews bug testing \

was outstanding and I commend you for the excellent work. Erich Waas - \

You know we have been friends a long time, but I must say this. After \

you had accepted the ART form for The New Tetris, and later on your higher \

ups said it was not UNISEX enough, you slapped the blame on H2O, Chris Bretz \

in particular. You did not have the balls to accept blame for your \

mistake, and stuck our entire team under IMMENSE stress and FRENZY. This \

to save your A$$ from getting in trouble at Nintendo. I still like you \

Erich, which is more than I can say for the rest of the team that you \

screwed because of this. But I guess your standing at Nintendo is more \

important than the friendships you had here. You always knew we had telent \

and you recognized that. I know you wanted to work with us again one \

day maybe outside of Nintendo, I think you screwed up those chances though. \


While I am screaming.. I might as well say this: Niel Voss.. your music is \

freaking KICK A$$.. you are one really damn talented boy. BUT, you are one \

of the laziest music guys I think there is :) You could go far if you wanted \

to, but you just lack the GO for it. It is a shame. I wish you all the luck \

and would reccomend you to ANYBODY just because even though everything is last \

minute, and like pulling teeth, the end result is AMAZING. \


I am leaving H2O after this project to work at 3DO. I hope this will be a \

good move for me. I love H2O, As amazingly disorganized of a company it is. \

I LOVE the people, I have so many good friends \

there. It will be hard to move on. Of course they will stay my friends. \

They were more than just co-workers.. they were FRIENDS. They were the \

people I lived with, spent my days and nights with.. went to bars with, \

camped with, drank with (alot), did other bad things with (wont elaborate :)). \

They are true great friends, and I love them all and will miss them dearly. \

Allthough Vancouver is only a 2 hour flight away, I hope I can visit often. \

My best friends would include. Ross, Max, Scott, Jake, Bretz, Roland, Johnny, \

Sarah.. these are the people I love the most. And I wish you success. My 4.5 \

years at H2O were basically, making games.. drinking alot, playing pool alot, \

going to bars and raves and dancing while really screwed up in the head. THAT \

HAS TO BE THE MOST FUN I HAVE EVER HAD, and probably ever will. The good old \

days. These guys are in Vancouver right now because I got stuck finishing \

this project in San Francisco (Which by all means I LOVE and am staying (hence 3DO)) \


Well boys and girls, I just thought I would immortalize some thoughts I have at \

the moment into a rom which will be burned forever. This game sucks. The music \

is great but the game itself is not how we wanted it unfortunately. I mean, it \

is a good game, but some things could be polished, as well as sped up. Could \

use another month to finish this thing off AFTER all the bugs are fixed. oh well, \

woh is me. \


I would love to give special loves and kisses to the following. \

My Girlfriend Amy Bond, My Family (Joy, Allyson, Jon Pridie, Brant Sangster), \

My really really best old friends Selim Arikan, Cory Haberly, Jason Vasilash, \

Alfred Huger, Oliver Friedrichs. \


Goodbye H2O, it was a blast, and I mean that with all my heart. \


(C) 1999 July 1 David Pridie \

If you are reading this, you can obviously see this disclaimer. \

All this material belongs to David Pridie. If you find it and want to post \

it in ANY media format, you must get my permission or feel my wrath :). \

This text if it is ever read, is intended to be read by hackers whom have \

dumped the contents of this rom and viewed it. That is ALL it is for. \

And maybe some of them will remember me from the C64 and PC days, Martial Artist \

of PE/TDT/RAZOR 1911/INC/FLT/TRN/FBR, I was in them all.. and I made trainers \

and intros mostly. I thank that scene for teaching me how to program, because \

without it I don't think I would be where I am today. \


Well that does it 4.5 years and Two games later (Tetrisphere and New Tetris). \

Unfortunately I wont be working on Nomans Quest.. but oh well. \



*****************************END MARTIAL ARTIST RANT ******************** "

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