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Lived at 21 Rose St 1862-1866
Lived at 5 Thistle Place in 1866-1902
Lived at 18 Polmuir Rd 1902-1910+ 
Henderson, Ann H (I2937)

Lived at 787 Gerrard St in Toronto from 1913-1917.
Moved to Winnipeg with family in 1917.
Lived at Lansdowne Avenue for a year.
Lived at Baltimore Road from 1918-1938
Lived at Toronto 1938-1940 (17 Fairview?)

Lived at Aurora 1947?-1956

The Bay ??-1938 (shoe salesman)
Sears 1938-1940 (shoe salesman)
Military 1940-1947 
Bretz, Norman Hobson (I40)
1898 percy clk Can Pub 104 church
1899 percy, clk union L& co 104 church
1900 walter p bretz stenographer, the world,104 church
1903 walter p bretz stenographer, the world,104 church
1906 walter p bretz, city editor the world, 1 112 queen e
1909 walter p bretz, city editor the world, 36 park rd
1912 percy, telegraph opr evening telegram, 36 park rd
1914 walter p tel editor evening telegram, 20 temple ave
1917 walter p tel editor evening telegram, 112 glencairn ave
1921 p city editor telegram, 152 kingswood

152 Kingswood 1926 
Bretz, Walter Percy (I186)
From the Canadian Veterans Affairs site


Operation Tideway Green, which worked with the M.P.A.J.A., was led by one of S.O.E.'s "old boys", Joseph Henri Adélard Benoit. Benoit had already completed sabotage missions in France and undergone jungle training in Ceylon and Burma.

This, the only all-Canadian team of Force 136, parachuted into Malaya on August 5, 1945. Other team members were John Elmore Hanna, Ernie Louie and Roger Caza. Hanna had spent much of his childhood in northern China and could speak Mandarin fluently. He immigrated to Canada in 1931 and joined the army 10 years later. In September 1944, at 29-year-of-age, Hanna volunteered to use his knowledge of Chinese on special duty in Asia. Seven months of training in New Delhi followed.

Ernie Louie was a Chinese-Canadian who spoke fluent Cantonese and acted as interpreter for the team. The fourth team member was Roger Caza, a former journalist from Ottawa, who like Benoit, was also an S.O.E. veteran, having served as a wireless operator in France. He also trained at S.O.E.'s Eastern Warfare School and at the jungle training school in Sri Lanka and had been in Malaya since March of that year.

The team spent six days, three in torrential rain, trekking through 120 kilometres of jungle to northern Johore. Here they were to gather information about Japanese movements and to instruct and supply local guerrillas. Since the Japanese had surrendered by the time they reached their destination, the team's mission shifted to assisting Allied prisoners of war, many of whom were suffering from disease and malnutrition after three and a half years in captivity. With the assistance of an Australian corporal and captain, Benoit's team located 900 near starving and sick POWs and organized food and medical drops for them as well as initiating arrangements to get them home.

The members of Tideway Green stayed on in Malaya, involved in police work and civil administration, until mid-November when they returned to Canada. 
Hanna, John Elmore (I5126)
History of the lands and their owners in Galloway by P.H. McKerlie

We find that he was succeeded by his son Robert, who on the 29th July 1630 was infeft in the lands of Little Corsock, Marnhowle, Blakmark, and Arvie. We have been inclined to think that the property was divided under the designation of Meikle and Little Corsock; that the first was owned by the Lindsays, and the latter by the Neilsons. This opinion we think is confirmed by the fact that on the 15th March 1664, James Lindsay, heir (pro avi) of James Lindsay of Forgirth, was infeft in the land of Meikle Corsock, Auchinvey, and Ryis.

In the valuation roll of 1642, Robert Neilson possessed also Auchenvey, Mairnhowl, and Cruchie. At the same period James Neilson owned Arvie and Loch, with Low Arvie; and Robert Glendonwyne of Parton, and his son James, Lower Armannoch. Robert Neilson married , daughter of William Maclellan of Barscobe, parish of Balmaclellan. He had issue- John. 
Neilson, Robert (I689)
John Bretz, "was first married to Christina Detweiler and had a family of two children, Jacob and Nancy. After the decease of first wife, he was married to Elizabeth Reist who was born February 12th, 1803. Of the second marriage there were two children, Maria and Susannah. This family resided on the township line between Waterloo and Guelph Townships." 
Bretz, John Strickler (I39)
Lived in Peterhead in 1858
Lived in Peterhead in 1861 (3)
Lived in Peterhead in 1871 (13)

Lived in Aberdeen in 1879 (21)

Lived in Angus, Dundee, 9 Middle St in 1881 (23)
Lived in Southampton in 1883 (25)

Lived in Pakistan in 1890-1898? (32-39)
Lived at Udaipur 1890
Lived at Bikaner 1898
Oodeypure now Udaipur 
Mutch, Margaret Elsie (I101)
Notes Benjamin Bretz, "is married to Nancy Gingerich. They live near Speedsville, Waterloo County."
Bretz, Benjamin (I176)
Struggled with anemia

Arts degee in 1928 and C.A. Degree in 1934

Price Waterhouse Company
Comptroller General's department of the Province of Manitoba 
McFee, James Grange (I44)
Tobacconist in Toronto 1881-1905?

94 Church 1881-1888
104 Church 1889-1904
112 Queen 1905-1908?

169 Collier 1908-1920+

Spent some time in Port Huron, Michigan

Jacob BRETZ, 34, Mercantile Traveller, Canada, London, Canada, s/o Jacob BRETZ & Nancy WHEELER , married Martha STATHAM, 24, Georgetown, Georgetown, d/o Silas STATHAM & Louisa PARROTT, witn: Aaron BRETZ, Tavistock Canada & Bertha STATHAM, Georgetown, 25 December 1877 
Bretz, Jacob (I73)
11 020290-03 Bretz, Jacob Detweiller (I128)
12 #018685-74 (Oxford Co) BRETZ, Lilian, f, b. 26 Dec 1873, father - Samuel Bretz, painter, mother - Hariet THOMPSON, infm - Samuel Bretz, Blenheim Twp Bretz, Lillian (I206)
13 #021743-77 (Oxford Co) BRETZ, Minnie, f, b. 18 Oct 1877, father - Samuel Bretz, waggon maker, mother - Hariet THOMPSON, infm- Samuel Bretz, Bright Blenheim Twp Bretz, Minnie (I208)
14 #573342 cornwall-opc-database.org Rush, Thomas (I1640)
15 #573892 cornwall-opc-database.org Hambley, Richard (I1642)
16 #770918 cornwall-opc-database.org Hambley, Richard (I1642)
17 #772373 George, Edward (I912)
18 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Neilson, Timothy Harry Richard (I3542)
19 ----- Revolutionary War Record -----
Benjamin Flagg: Captain of a company of minute men which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775, service 7 days.
List of field officers of regiments of Worcester Co., Militia proposed by Legislature Jan. 12, 1776, said Flagg belonged to the 1st Worcester Co., reg't., made up from Worcester, Leicester, Holden, Spencer, Paxton, and the new parish called "Bogechoge".

Captain: List of officers of the Mass. militia which reinforced the Continental Army and joined Col. J. Ward's reg't., commissioned Jan. 29, 1776.

Lieutenant Colonel: Colonel Samuel Denny's (1st Worcester co.) reg't. of Mass. militia, list of officers, commissioned Feb. 2, 1776.

Lieutenant Colonel: Colonel Samuel Denny's reg't. list dated Lancaster, March 28, 1776 of officers chosen by the companies of 1st Worcester Co. reg't., as returned by said Flagg and others, field officers ordered in council April 4, 1776, that commissions be issued to officers chosen.

Lieutenant Colonel: Colonel Samuel Denny's reg't., service 5 days, regiment marched Aug. 19, 1777 to reinforce Northern Army.
--- Reference: Mass. Soldiers & Sailors of the Revolutionary War. (Vol. 5)

The following notice appeared in the Spy of Oct. 14, 1818:
"A distinguished Revolutionary Patriot deceased. Died in this town on the 8th inst. Col. Benj. Flagg aged ICV the oldest man in this town."
His surviving posterity are 4 Children, 41 Grandchildren and 83 Great-grandchildren. At his advanced age he had outlived many more of each generation. Few have lived so long and descended to the grave more respected.
--- Reference: Incriptions from the Old burial Grounds, Worcester, Mass. 
Flagg, Benjamin George (I3898)
20 018497-28 Johnson, Julia Ann (I325)
21 022941-89 (Muskoka Dist) BRASS, Alice Bertha, f, b 18 Sept 1889, father Henry Myles BRASS, laborer, mother Mary BRETZ, infm- Henry BRASS Housey's Rapids Ryde Brass, Alice Bertha (I607)
22 029948-00 (Oxford Co) BRETZ, Earl, m, b. 2 July 1900, father - John BRETZ, farmer, mother - Martha GABLE, infm - Dr A.I. Willson, conc. 14 lot 12 Blenheim Twp Bretz, Earl (I165)
23 030673-97 (Oxford Co) BRETZ, Gordon, m, b. 11 Nov 1896, father - John BRETZ, farmer, mother - Martha GABLE, infm - Dr A.J. WILLSON, Blenheim Twp Bretz, Gordon (I164)
24 033389-05 (Oxford Co) BRETZ, Burley, m, b. 19 April 1905, father - John BRETZ, farmer, mother - Martha GABLE, infm- Dr. A.I. Willson, conc. 14 lot 12 Blenheim Twp Bretz, Burley Gable (I167)
25 042550-82 (Toronto) WOOD, Sarah Louise, f. b. 17 Oct.1882, father - Thomas Moore WOOD, Window Blind Manfr.,; mother - Hannah GILBERT, infm - father, 464 Yonge St Wood, Sarah Louise (I1622)
26 1 Howgate St? Farish, Jane Jolly (I1220)
27 11 Colville Street Douglas, John (I4887)
28 12 Jan 1904
London, England
Probate for estate valued at £18 2s 8d granted to Janet Neilson, widow
Skeen, Janet St John (I683)
29 13641 Bretz, Henry (I72)
30 163 Crown St Fyfe, Elizabeth Ann Simpson (I531)
31 1741 Penance of Edward George and Anne of St Teath, pre-marital fornication George, Edward (I912)
32 178 Crown Street Neilson, Henry Ross (I96)
33 1841 Scotland Census, Edinburgh, Scotland: General Register Office for Scotland Source (S1)
34 1861 Carnation Cottage Rd

1871 1 Mitchell Pl 
Matthew, Isabella (I1222)
35 1881 19 Thistle St
Fyfe, Samuel (I1773)
36 1881 Netheriown Cottage Halliday, John (I503)
37 1887 directory
henry bretz, books stationary and fancy goods

was living with mother on family farm in 1881

Henry BRETZ, 29, farmer, Waterloo twp., Blenheim, s/o Jacob & Nancy, married Catherine J. JOHNSON, 26, Blenheim, same, d/o Joseph & Rosanna, witn: Abram BRETZ & Harriet A. JOHNSON, both of Blenheim, 30 May 1876 at Blenheim 
Bretz, Henry (I72)
38 1917-1920 Secretary & Treasurer of James Risk Co., 346 Broadway, NYC
1922-1925 Pres Risk Moody & Robinson Co Inc (underwear)
1925-1930 President of Risk Johnson Company, New York (underwear)
Risk, Frederick James (I1927)
39 1931 lived at 490 Spadina Ave, Toronto Hanna, William John (I3694)
40 1988-09-021713 Pollock, Rose (I3335)
41 1993-2002 White Pages, Little Rock, AR, USA: Acxiom Corporation Source (S77)
42 1995-2002 White Pages, Little Rock, AR, USA: Axciom Corporation, 1995-2002 Source (S56)
43 20 Bosorne Street Neilson, Constance Jeanie Ross (I258)
44 21 Balmoral Rd Halliday, John (I308)
45 21 Howgate Farish, James Alexander Jolly (I1219)
46 21 Howgate Farish, Jane Jolly (I1220)
47 21 Howgate Street Dinwoodie, Elisabeth (I117)
48 21 Howgate Street Jolly, Samuel (I116)
49 220 Seaton Turner, Hannah Frances (I360)
50 23096-79 (Oxford Co) BRETZ, Gilbert Johnson, m, b. July 24 1879, father - Henry BRETZ, farmer, mother - Catherine Jane JOHNSON, infm - Dr Levi Secord, Bright, Blenheim Twp Bretz, Gilbert Johnson (I178)

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