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Lanteglos, Cornwall, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bunny, Mary E  Mar 1866Lanteglos, Cornwall, England I2806
2 Rowe, Albert  Abt 1853Lanteglos, Cornwall, England I2803
3 Rowe, Anne Jane  Abt 1859Lanteglos, Cornwall, England I2802
4 Rowe, Edward  Abt 1865Lanteglos, Cornwall, England I2799
5 Rowe, John  Abt 1864Lanteglos, Cornwall, England I2798
6 Rowe, Kate Elizabeth  Abt 1855Lanteglos, Cornwall, England I2801
7 Rowe, William George  Abt 1857Lanteglos, Cornwall, England I2800
8 Rush, Catherine  1832Lanteglos, Cornwall, England I2770
9 Rush, George  1834Lanteglos, Cornwall, England I2772
10 Rush, Grace  Dec 1837Lanteglos, Cornwall, England I2773
11 Rush, Levinia  Abt 1836Lanteglos, Cornwall, England I2775
12 Rush, Phillipa  Abt 1829Lanteglos, Cornwall, England I2778
13 Rush, Susanna  14 Feb 1790Lanteglos, Cornwall, England I497