Family Events


The Bretz family emigrated from southern Germany to Pennsylvania approximately
+/- 10 years
The Bretz coat of arms was granted sometime between
during the Swabian conflicts
Jacob Bretz Sr and his family came to Canada from Pennsylvania and settled in Waterloo
Jacob Bretz Sr bought 1024 acres from Richard Beasley in Waterloo
The old Bretz family homestead near Fisher Mills was sold
and the family moved to near Plattsville shortly afterward
Jacob Bretz was ordained in the Mennonite church at Wanners
Abram Bretz graduated from Normal school and became a school teacher
The Wood family emigrated from Brighton, England to Toronto
Abram Bretz and his family first arrived in Toronto, settling on the east side
Benjamin Hobson was sworn in on the first town council of Galt, Ontario
Frank Bretz moved his family to Winnipeg from Toronto
George Bretz won the 1904 Olympic gold medal in lacrosse
Howard Bretz was wounded in combat during WWII
Norman Bretz recieved the Distinguished Flying Cross for missions during WWII
David Bretz and his family moved from Winnipeg to Edmonton